Bernard Faller – Background

Kentucky Elder Mediation, LLC

Bernard Faller has an extensive background in areas related to Elder Mediation.  Bernie founded the largest Elder Law firm in Kentucky.  As its principal for 11 years, he is well versed in the issues that arise in families concerned about older citizens.  He is familiar with the local services available for older folks and is well known and highly regarded throughout Kentucky.

Mr. Faller completed the formal Elder Mediation training with courses taught in Ann Arbor Michigan by Zena Zumata, J.D. and a mediation training program in Louisville KY taught by Just Solutions.

Mr. Faller was graduated from the Louis Brandeis School of Law in Louisville at age 56, in 2002.  He then established Kentucky ElderLaw PLLC and ran the firm for 11 years before his retirement.  The firm continues to grow and remains the leader in the Elder Law field in Kentucky.  During his tenure at Kentucky ElderLaw, Bernie helped thousands of families who were struggling with every imaginable problem.  Bernie’s view of Elder Mediation is similar to his view of Elder Law, which was 1/3 lawyer, 1/3 social worker and 1/3 therapist.

Prior to attending law school, Mr. Faller had a lengthy period of disability due to an aviation accident in 1990.

Prior to his disability, Mr. Faller was the principal in Empire State Planners, a financial planning and insurance firm in Manhattan that focused on the needs of older individuals.

Mr. Faller has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from NYU School of Engineering and worked for Bell Labs in New Jersey.

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