How does the process work?

Prior to the mediation, we will gather facts, opinions, positions and other relevant information from all parties to allow us to give some thought to your situation(s).

At the mediation, we will follow this or a similar path:

  1. We will explain the ground rules and the process.
  2. Each party will explain his or her position or viewpoint, uninterrupted by the other side, but subject to possible questions from the mediator to clarify or better understand what is being said.
  3. Jointly, we will separate the issues from the positions. We will facilitate the discussion and encourage each party to understand that their rigid point of view may not be the only way to see an issue.
  4. We now enter the hardest and most productive portion of the day where we might prioritize issues, propose multiple options and where the parties make key decisions once the entire picture is in sharp focus. Remember, this is about the older citizen, not about you, and the objective is not to “win.”
  5. We will write a brief plan of action and review it with the parties to make sure that what was agreed upon is actually what was agreed upon. Once any adjustments or details are made, all parties shall sign the Agreement.
  6. If attorneys are involved, they may elect to take the Agreement, and add some detail and have it signed again.

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